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Book Reviews

Below are books that I've read and left reviews on. I don't always have the time/mental capacity to leave long reviews, but I hope these help you find a new read that you will enjoy or be able to pass on!

Such a great story!

I haven't read the first two books yet, but can't wait to get into them.

James' struggle pulled me right into the story and there wasn't a moment where I regretted picking up the book or felt like I could have done something better with my time.

I really related to James' struggle to wait for God's timing and not quite understanding why he had to wait. I came across many encouraging moments in the story that seemed to be God's perfect time for me to be reminded of these things, especially Abigail's comments to James about healing and how it comes in baby steps. James' desire to do something... anything to move towards fulfilling God's call on his life, but not knowing what to do and having to wait for word on the right time, was very relatable.

I loved how Rhia, even though she was hurting, still felt that desire to protect others and did whatever she could to do so. The struggles, challenges, and choices she faces in these moments and in the fight or survive moments were written so well.

There were a few moments where James seemed almost bipolar... which may have been intentional. I'm not sure. But I did feel a little like I just wanted him to pick a thought process and how he felt and stick with it. But I also understood how it fit in with his situation. It was just a little too back and forth for me.

The other thing I wasn't fond of was that I didn't quite feel like there was complete resolution on the spiritual side of the final battle. (Trying to write this without spoilers) It is possible I was just reading so fast that I missed something, but I felt a little... almost let down... by the way the spiritual side of that ended... But all in all, it was an awesome scene!

J. L. Burrows overlays the spiritual world with the physical world in such a realistic way and the giftings that the characters have seem like they could easily be something that you'd come across in a person who is deeply involved in spiritual warfare. I also loved all the information about trafficking that she included in the back.

Definitely worth the read!

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Wishes. Hopes. Dreams. Heartache. Desires. Longings.

Brittany Eden weaves these together through this story in such a magical way.

This Cinderella/Pinocchio combination reimagining is a work of art. The writing is so lyrical and wistful. So dreamy.

I felt very much convicted by a few lines-

"Maybe when you're old, that's what strength becomes. She isn't bitter."


"The more we avoid the ones who've hurt us, the less human they seem."

-and had to go take a minute and pray through parts of my own past wounds... ha

The story is a little slower than what I normally like to read, but I remained engaged with it and the characters throughout.

The scene layout made some of the story hard to follow, but it reminded me a lot of the layout of the scenes in K-dramas which I love... but I get confused with those, too.

All in all, this is a sweet, cozy story with some great characters. Can't wait for Hearts!

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Great story. Lots of action. A true hero. No content that I had to skip or give the book up for. Kept me invested through the whole book.

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I stayed up until about two AM finishing the second half of this book. So many emotions and intense fight scenes! I couldn't find a place where I felt like I could put it down again. I needed to know what happened.

There was a bit more.... sensuality maybe?... than the first book, but not much. It was still a clean read, and I didn't need to skip anything. I can't say how much I appreciate that in a good action read.

There were a few scenes, mostly in Rico's POV, where I skimmed more than read. I appreciated how good of a friend he was to Damon and Valerie, but didn't find his POV scenes to be super important.

Kai Nez is a villain I love to hate. I really just wanted to slap the confident grin off her face. I was very satisfied with the ending.

I haven't read a book in a year or two where I voted so hard for the MC. When we started with Dakota's POV, I liked her, but then my loyalty to Val kicked in when she stole Val's car. As the story went on, I found my loyalty to Val wavering and I really just wanted them to be friends so I didn't have to choose which one to vote for.

I love the setting, the worldbuilding, the characters, their journeys, and I totally didn't see the plot twist coming until it happened. Nathan Van Coops has done a fantastic job with this story.

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This is a short, quick, and easy read. John tells a story that has very practical application to what he is trying to get across and weaves in the information through the story. It kept my interest and gave me some data to process and make decisions about.

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This was a fun and amusing read. The friendships between Robyn, her merry men, and Maid Marian are very entertaining. The writing felt a little... unpolished, maybe? ...but that never really bothers me when I enjoy the story and/or characters... and I enjoyed both. I liked how Robyn kept finding herself in situations she would have loved to avoid, if not for her friends. This twist to the classic tale is a great one and, f you enjoy Jackie Chan type comedies, this is for you!

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"The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."

Numbers 6:24-26