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Not Your Classic Fairy Tales

What if Cinderella didn’t have a fairy godmother and Sleeping Beauty’s curse couldn’t be cured with a kiss?

The princesses in these non-magical re-imaginings must rely on God and the strength found in true friendships to overcome the odds and discover their destinies.

A Jaded Heart:

Isobel chooses life imprisonment over her fiance’s death when he picks a rose for her from the maze of a strict, reclusive lord.

The Narcoleptic Maiden:

Aida longs to fulfill her dream of a life outside of her padded bedroom prison.

Raven and the Seven Woodsmen:

Raven's narcissistic stepmother wants her dead. During her rescue, she discovers a life she never knew she wanted.

The Thief and the Princess:

A thief falls for a princess he accidentally helps kidnap.

The Queen's Arrow:

Ella overhears a plot to assassinate the queen and must figure out a way to warn her before she is killed.

The Island Princess:

Mirielle gets herself into more trouble than she bargained for when she breaks a trespasser out of the dungeon and discovers who killed her mother.

The real magic in these tales is found within the faith, courage, and loyalty of the characters and their friends.

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Faith in Fiction Devotional: Divergents, Tributes, Games, & Sandworms

Devotionals by: Christopher D. Schmitz, Kerry Nietz, Brandon M. Wilborn, Erin R. Howard, Yaasha Moriah, and K. A. Baumann

Journey through the Old Testament with divergents and visit the New Testament through the Enderverse. Whether you’re looking for the perfect nerdvotional or trying to impart biblical wisdom to friends who lean away from Scripture but towards popular speculative fiction, this book is right for you!

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A Chance for Freedom

A Chance for Freedom is a Christian Women's Fiction story of hope: 

Trafficked since childhood, Kate is no stranger to the darkest side of human nature. She has learned to trust no one, including God. Ready to die rather than continue to live as she has, Kate runs. What she doesn’t expect is to survive.

Jason loves the Lord and has determined to honor him in everything he does, but what is he supposed to do about his attraction to the woman he found half-dead in the woods?

Jen trusts God to lead her in his ways. When she feels prompted to offer her spare room to the woman Jason found, she doesn’t hesitate.

Her perception of God and humanity shattered by their kindness, Kate doesn’t know what to think about Jen, Jason, their friends, or their God. What she does know is that her traffickers are violent, vengeful men- and they’re still out there. If they find her, it won’t only be her life on the line.

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The Christian

When the government passed the anti-Christian laws, Alex’s relationship with the Lord became her arrest warrant. Despite the risk, Alex shares the Gospel with a woman who has lost all hope. To her surprise, the woman doesn’t report her-- but someone else does. Alex is soon in handcuffs and on her way to The Island, the most notorious work camp for the worst offenders.

James wasn’t a fan of his father’s methods for handling the Christians, but it wasn’t his problem. Not until his sister, depressed and suicidal, ran out of the house only to return a different person. Kind. Hopeful. Content.

When James and his sister make their dreaded, routine trip to see their father on The Island, a female prisoner tries to duck out of sight. Curious, James decides to find out why. What he discovers may destroy his life-- or free it.

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Short Stories

The Conviction of DD the Pirate

Return to her old life, or die. This is the ultimatum the governor, Josephine’s father, gives her when he sees her for the first time in twenty years.

Kidnapped as a child, Josephine is adopted into a pirate crew. She learns that most pirates are merchants just trying to make ends meet. She also learns that her father, someone in a position to make a difference, only makes things worse with his taxes and laws. She resolves to make a difference in any way she can, especially after she gives her life to the Lord.

When the navy attacks her ship and captures her, Josephine knows she faces the death penalty for piracy. But then her father shows up, and she has to choose. Turn her back on everything she knows is right and live, or be executed with the other pirates.

Character Photo by: https://unsplash.com/@cassianokw

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"The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."

Numbers 6:24-26